Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 to Make Your Day Easier


Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 to Make Your Day Easier

Learning a new operating system such as Windows 8 comes with some unique challenges.  Just like all the previous releases of Windows it isn’t necessarily a question of “what I need”, as it is “where is it?”  It seems once you get used to a feature being in one location, someone at Microsoft decides to move it somewhere else.

 The team at Cottage Computers has been using the operating system for a while and we thought you might want to know a few of the tricks we use on a regular basis.

View Options From the Start Menu
The start button is back in Windows 8.1, instead of left clicking the start button, try a right click and see what happens.


Customize your Home Screen Tiles
Besides resizing icons, you can also customize the home screen.  To move or group tiles, just go to the home screen and right click on any of the tiles.  You can also now name the groups.


Pinning Applications to the Taskbar
If you are coming from any previous version of Windows, you are already used to having items pinned to your taskbar.  To clarify, this means putting the icon for a program on the taskbar to have easier access to it.  From the home screen, right click on any tile and click “Pin to taskbar”



Searching for Programs or Files
In the past versions of Windows there were many ways to search for your programs and files.  One of the easiest ways to do so in Windows 8 is from the home screen.  With the home screen open, just start typing into your keyboard and see what happens.



Looking for New Apps and Don’t Know Where They are?
Have you installed a new app and can’t find it on the home screen?  Windows 8.1 made it a little easier to find.  In the past versions of Windows we had the “All Programs” option in the start menu, Windows 8.1 now has an arrow.  From the home screen, click the arrow in the bottom left and you will see all the installed applications.


 Is there something you were looking to know that was not listed above?  Let us know.  We have access to Computer Tutors and Instructors.  It might help to have a one on one session with someone that knows where Microsoft hid your favourite options.  Please call us at the office at any time and we will be glad to help.