Computer services for your home

Computer professionals who understand customer service.

Our business has been built on service, we can help with problems big and small.

Most computer users will end up needing some help one day, whether you need some friendly advice or are looking for a helping hand we'll be ready to assist.  Having served thousands of home users since 1990 our technicians have run across many different challenges and they pride themselves on being able to offer practical solutions to the every day user.

The entire staff, no matter whom we spoke to, was knowledgeable and professional, listening to our concerns and providing options that fit our needs.  Thank you for your dedication and tireless pursuit of great customer care and superior computer service”- Mark M

Users of all abilities tend to call us right when they need help the most.  If you think your computer might have a virus infection, if you're getting errors, if the computer is running slower than you think it should then one of our staff would be happy to help you work out that issue.  Our staff of certified technicians have seen it all and are used to working with beginners right on through to computer experts who are stuck and need a hand.

Since every situation is different we offer support to home based clients through telephone support, remote assitance, carry in servicing at our store and on-site service calls... whatever fits your needs and budget.  Even if you don't know how to describe the problem you've been facing we will work with you to ask the right questions and work through troubleshooting the issues at hand.  We know that your information, pictures and other documents that are stored on your computer are priceless so our number one priority is to protect your data from any loss.  We will offer different solutions to ensure you always feel comfortable with the process of repairing your computer.

  • Certified technicians who understand customer service.
  • Telephone, remote, carry in or on-site service to fit your needs.
  • Computer, accessory and software sales.
  • Expert opinions and friendly answers to your computer questions..